SAS 060-5103 Safety Gloggles 3 Pack

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  • Includes 3 Pairs of Gloggles: Clear, Gray and Yellow Lens

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Part # SAS060-5103

With three lens color options, Gloggles demonstrate the ease of switching from glasses to goggles with a simple push, pull and snap. Gloggles feature a foam padding that forms a snug fit to keep out dust and airborne particles while providing 99.9% protection against UV rays along with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating on the lenses. In addition, Gloggles float, preventing the burden of losing eyewear.
Name SAS 060-5103 Safety Gloggles 3 Pack
Part # SAS060-5103
Brand SAS
Weight 1.00 lb
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty