MotorVac Carbon Clean 1000

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  • Complete, Through the Rail, Fuel System Decarbonizing Service
  • Fuel Rail Hookup Provides the Most Effective Results
  • Online Application Guide
  • Unique Time Saving Adapter System
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors, Combustion Chamber and Intake Valves
  • Utilizes the MV5 Proprietary Fuel System Cleaning Chemistry

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Part # MVC500-0220

The automotive landscape is changing. Engines are being built with the environment in mind, and have more emissions and fuel control systems than ever before. In our uncertain global economy, re¬ners have moved to lower quality crude oils which produce fuels with poor combustion characteristics. Today's fuels also contain ever increasing amounts of ethanol which cause many more engine and fuel system problems. At the same time producers are including fewer detergent additives. These factors contribute to the build-up of carbon deposits within the engine which have been proven to hinder a vehicle's performance and fuel economy. The best way to actively restore an engine's functionality is to perform regular professional fuel system cleaning and engine decarbonizing services.
Name MotorVac Carbon Clean 1000
Part # MVC500-0220
Brand MotorVac
Weight 37.00 lb
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty