Mahle FluidPRO® ATX-3+Boost/PS Combo Power Steering/Transmission Fluid Exchanger

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  • Electronic Diode Illuminated Keypad - Fluid Flow Direction Indicator Verifies Correct Hook-up
  • Transmission Diagnostic Pressure Gauge
  • New and Used Fluid Sight Glasses
  • Automatic Fluid Level Adjustment +/- ½ Quarts
  • PSX-3 Mounted on Back of ATX-3 Machine
  • Includes Dipstick Service Mode
  • Process Time: 3 - 6 Minutes Average Full Exchange.
  • Patented Bypass Circuit for Vehicle Protection

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Part # MSS4158001900

FluidPRO equipment from MAHLE Service Solutions offers a range of choices in fluid exchange equipment. The ATX+Boost offers technicians fully-automatic operation with precise fluid measurement to maximize efficiency. The added feature of the high output boost pump yields faster service times of 2 - 5 minutes. The FluidPRO series goes beyond standards; for our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, and no product recalls -- thus a strong brand. MAHLE Service Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to technical and training support. Whether our customers want on-site technical assistance in making their business more efficient or just have a question regarding our products, we're here for them!
Name Mahle FluidPRO® ATX-3+Boost/PS Combo Power Steering/Transmission Fluid Exchanger
Part # MSS4158001900
Brand Mahle
Weight 268.00 lb
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty