MityVac MVA665 Power Steering Air Bleed 90° Adapter

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  • Available Separately and Can Be Interchanged with the In-Line Connector on MVA661 and MVA662 for Applications with Limited Overhead
  • Includes an In-Line, Barbed Connection for a 1/4" Internal Diameter Hose
  • Works with MVA661 and MVA666 to Form an Airtight Seal in the Neck of a Vehicle's Power Steering Pump
  • Works with a Hand Vacuum Pump That Can Be Coupled to the Adapter to Exert a Vacuum on the Fluid's Surface in the Reservoir

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Part # MITMVA665

Automotive power steering systems have a tendency to trap air in components and lines, causing erratic steering, pump noise and potential damage to critical parts. Mityvac MVA660, MVA661 and MVA662 power steering adapters can help eliminate trapped air following repairs or fluid changes. As trapped air works its way out of the system, the vacuum prevents foam from forming at the surface and air from re-entering the system.
Name MityVac MVA665 Power Steering Air Bleed 90° Adapter
Part # MITMVA665
Brand MityVac
Weight 1.00 lb
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty