Hofmann geoliner® 670XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System with AC200 Clamps

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  • Versatile, Accurate Hardware High resolution cameras produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data
  • Advanced Dimensioning -- Cross-diagonal measurements identify frame or structural damage - Rolling Radius identifies mismatched tire sizes - a potential cause of vehicle pulling and driver complaints
  • Ride Height Measurement -- Measure right height and obtain proper alignment specifications for those vehicles requiring it - Measure manually or use the Target Imaging Pointer (TIP)
  • Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings
  • Use available step-by-step insructions as a guide for completing even the most complex tasks
  • Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator - guides the technician through the measurement process
  • View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks
  • Quickly Identify if a Car Needs Alignemt - Includes Audit Printout

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Part # HOFEEWA715G

The geoliner 670 XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System is one of the most advanced alignment systems on the market today. Patented imaging technology provides accurate and real-time measurements that improve productivity. User friendly features such as EZ-TOE, VODI and an extensive vehicle specification database delivers customer satisfaction, ease of use and accuracy.
Name Hofmann geoliner® 670XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System with AC200 Clamps
Part # HOFEEWA715G
Brand Hofmann
Weight 300.00 lb
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty