OEMTOOLS 27264 Vacuum & Fuel Pressure Test Kit

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  • Ranges from 0-10 PSI/0-1kg/cm2 pressure; and 0-30 Inch Hg/ 0-76 cm Hg Vacuum
  • Includes 2-1/2 Ft. Hose and 4 Fittings to Test Domestic and Foreign Cars and Trucks with Gasoline Engines
  • Gauge is Packed in Protective Molded Case

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Part # 27264

The OEMTOOLS Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester Kit is used to accurately test vacuum and low pressure fuel systems. The kit diagnoses internal engine problems such as bad rings, valve, or leaky head gaskets. It comes with a heavy duty 3-1/2" compound gauge with protective cover and multi colored dial gauge.
Name OEMTOOLS 27264 Vacuum & Fuel Pressure Test Kit
Part # 27264
Weight 1.50 lb
Warranty OEMTOOLS Limited Lifetime